About the Artist

Jianre Moriancomer has loved art from a young age, she started by drawing the pets her family loved and kept, and quickly expanded into the fantasy creatures her older brothers favored. She later learned Dungeons and Dragons on her father's knee - who played the game with Tracy Hickman (author of Dragon Lance) in College - which quickly fed her imagination with role-playing games. And from there it was a quick slope into the realms of fantasy and sci-fi. An avid gamer, in a family of avid gamers, she still participates in both analogue and digital games. From Magic the Gathering and D&D, to Overwatch and Final Fantasy, she pulls new inspiration constantly from the other artists around her, and seeks to spread as much of that same enthusiasm to new aspiring artists wherever possible. She will draw almost anything that takes her fancy, but particularly favors fantasy creatures and chimeras, specializing in creature concepts and illustrations.

Jianre most often works with Copic Markers, and Digital color, (in almost equal measure) with clean inked line art as the base for both. Though she's often expanded into colored pencil, chalk-pastels, pencil or ink render (in greyscale), and sculpture, mostly of the clay variety though she's dabbled in 3D modeling. Her style has ranged from her most popular clean line art with color and complex shading, to simplified cartoons, and even to mock stained glass. She's more than willing to take on a new challenge when provided, often producing fantastic and complicated pieces as a result. In particular her eye for complex details, makes her a great artist to work with.

Jianre currently lives in Fountain Valley, California. Where she stays with her family and their menagerie of animals, (a constant artistic inspiration.) She endeavors to present herself and finished work at as many local conventions as possible, with plans to expand that selection in the future. While she goes by the pen-name "Jianre" most often at conventions she can be found with her friends and/or family under the group name "Star Dragon Studios" which she founded for their collaborative efforts. At 38 years old, Jianre has been attending shows and conventions for since 2007, where she started her public debut at Anime Expo in Los Angeles.

While Jianre's original designs continue to expand and challenge her skills and abilities, she has done a wide variety of professional commission work over the years, including business logos for Dr. Darryl Hopkins, and Calm AV Innovations. Designs and Illustrations for Cavalcade of Whimsy Games, Victory Point Games, and Eon Legacy. She has many up and coming illustrations and published pieces including extensive work for Born of Legend, and more Eon Legacy projects.


For more places to find Jianre and her work, check out the following:

- For the quickest updates and fastest information, DeviantART is Jianre's main internet hangout!

- Star Dragon Studios, this business was originally founded by Jianre herself, and is now a conglomeration of artists working together and striving to help each other succeed! For information on Conventions and other events Jianre might be attending, check here.